Blessings In Life Promote Positive Mental Health


We all live life a bit differently than others. This might be because of many different reasons such as environment, culture, and just overall life. There is nothing wrong with being different than others. In fact, being different is one of the many blessings that life has for us. We are blessed with a lot of different things that others might not have been blessed with. There are things that we have not been blessed with while others have.

Blessings in life should never be a basis for success or jealousy. We all have our own journeys and our own gifts that we should appreciate and give value to. These blessings can always give us a good boost to our confidence, which also puts us in a better mental space. However, there is still a flip side to blessings that we cannot ignore because it also affects our mental health.


Let us talk about what I mean with blessings having a flip side. Of course, as with anything, blessings come in both positives and negatives. Positive for the reason that it makes us happy and fulfilled that we may have been blessed to achieve our dreams and goals. Maybe we have been blessed with things that other people have not been blessed with. This is where the negativity comes in to play.

Since not everyone is blessed with the same things, there will come a time when some people feel envious or jealous of what other people may have. This is quite common, and it is one of the emotions that we usually feel as humans. It gets worse when we start to compare ourselves with other people, and we start to lose track of our own blessings because we start to hyper-focus on what other people have. This causes us anxiety or stress or maybe even depression because we start to degrade ourselves. We just slowly lose that self-esteem. The more we feel bad about ourselves, the more we cause ourselves harm.

Mental health issues are never a joke, and it is important that when we do start to experience these issues, we do our best to recover from that. If you feel like you could no longer help yourself, maybe it is time to seek help from other people. You do not have to go through dark times alone. There is always someone who can help you through it, and that is one of the many blessings that we all have, someone who is willing to listen.


Having that person in our life who listens and understands is a blessing in itself because that shows that there is someone out in this chaotic world who actually cares for us and someone who wants nothing but the best for us in this world. Sometimes, we overlook the blessings that we have because we focus too much on what others have. We forget to value the things that we have been blessed with that. When we eventually lose that blessing, we realize, and we regret that we did not value it enough, then we feel bad. This creates a cycle of unhappiness and mental health issues.

If you really want to be as blessed as other people, you have to stop looking at others and start focusing on yourself. If you are reading this, then you have been blessed with the skill of reading, or maybe you have been blessed with the internet to be able to access this. You have a roof over your head, food to eat, and clothes to wear. At the end of the day, we are all blessed with different things, and we should never compare our journey to others because we all live different lives.


Focus on you; focus on your goals. This way, you are also helping your mental health be in a better place because you no longer look at other people’s lives and wish that you could have that too. You no longer look down on yourself and say, “I could never be the best.” It is time to look at the positive things in this life and value the blessings that you have been given before it is too late.

Right now, as you try to focus on yourself and the positive side of life, remember that it is okay to feel sad sometimes. It is okay to feel down in the dumps or insecure, all of this is valid, and you have a right to feel this way, but you have to make sure that you bounce back from that negativity and continue with life in a different light. Your mental health should always be a priority. It would be best if you always were a priority. So focus on you, and the rest will follow.

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