5 Advantages And 5 Disadvantages Of Being A Single Parent

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“Single parent households in both the US and England have jumped from less than 10 percent in the 1970s to roughly 30 percent today. Some women are single parents through divorce or separation or unplanned pregnancies, but a growing number choose to have and a raise babies on their own,” according to Susan Newman Ph.D.

Being a single parent can be one of the toughest “jobs” in the world. Raising kids and providing for them all at the same and by yourself can be very stressful, according to psychologists. You worry about what other people might say and how your child is going to be accepted in society for there will always be a stigma on single parenting.

If you are a single parent who thinks all that is said is true, then this article is for you. In this article, we will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of being a single parent.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Single Parenting?

Just like everything else, there will be a good side and a bad side. Nothing is perfect, not even parenting, and especially if you are a single parent. There will be good days, and there will be bad days, but I bet you can handle everything.

Advantages Of Single Parenting

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You Make All The Decisions

You don’t have a partner to discuss what is the best parenting method. You don’t have to compromise your beliefs so that you won’t offend your partner when it comes to decision making and so parenting decisions are quickly decided.

You Manage The Finances All By Yourself

You won’t have to worry about somebody else’s money and all you budgeting is based on your salary alone so you can prepare for how you spend your money in advance and can save for emergency or future use.

You Can Teach Your Children To Be Responsible And Self-Reliant

While growing up, children can be taught how to be responsible, and you can teach them while they’re young so you won’t have to look after all their things. This will then be the reason that they grow up not just responsible, but also independent.

“In a single-parent family, it’s helpful if the kids can collaborate with you to accomplish the things that need to get done. For example, if you don’t get home from work until after 5, you could ask them to start preparing dinner or assist with cleaning up afterwards,” Barry G. Ginsberg, PhD, a child and family psychologist says.

You Provide All Your Attention To Them

Yes, this can be the greatest thing ever. All your attention and your child’s attention will only be for the both of you, and this will strengthen your bond, and your child would grow up with a lot of love and respect for you.

“Your child can discuss thoughts and feelings without fearing your reaction. This is a positive sign of an accepting, open and flexible parent-child relationship. Some parents unwittingly restrict communication with their child through their behavior, such as over-reacting to thoughts or feelings they don’t like or those that question their behavior as a parent.” 

These words come from clinical psychologist Nadene van der Linden.

You Will Be Independent

You alone have to work to support your child and yourself. You don’t have to ask somebody to work for you, and you will learn a lot of things and become tough. You won’t have anybody to lean on so all the responsibility is on you and you will not get broken when somebody tries to leave you.


Disadvantages Of Single Parenting

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You Will Have Money Issues, That Is If You’re Not A Rich Kid

As a single parent, you do the work and managing expenses alone. You only have your income to depend on, and sometimes you have to make ends meet to be able to get through some hard times. It is tiring and difficult at times.

You Will Be Overloaded With Work

You will always find a way to provide for your children even when you need to work longer hours or have multiple jobs. Yes, it’s exhausting, but you got to do whatever it takes to give your children a comfortable life.

You Will Feel Lonely At Times

For the first time in so many years, you are alone. You have gotten used to somebody else beside you when you fall asleep, and that makes you lonely, and you doubt yourself forever pushing through with the divorce.

You Will Have Issues With Discipling Your Kids

Without your spouse to be by your side while disciplining your children, it can turn out to be complicated. Some children are hard to teach and can even get aggressive towards you.

Your Child Will Not Understand You

Being a single parent is hard. You will be working longer hours, which results to you not being around so much so your child can take this the wrong way. The only thing you have to do is explain your situation and make them understand that everything you do is for them.

Other Matters

The Children Will Have To Adapt

Your children know what you went through and what you are doing for them. They will be responsible enough so they can help you around the house and you can have time to relax.

Post-Divorce Stress Will Ease Out

Going through a divorce is a lot of pain and restlessness. Things get messy, and sometimes, you lack time for your children. After a divorce, everything settles, and your stress slowly leaves you, you can now go back to focusing on your children and their needs.

The Children Will Develop Trust Issues

Children who’ve gone through with their parent’s divorce can develop distrust and can be cautious when entering a relationship. They want to make sure it won’t happen to them, and this can cause them to end a romantic relationship quickly.

Parents And Children Can Develop Friendship

You two will bond in ways that only you can understand. You will respect each other and let your children be who they are, and they will be there always to support you.

There Is More Time Or At Least, Quality Time

After going through a lot, now you have time to spend with your children and make new happy memories that they will cherish as they grow older.

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