Forget Anxiety Or Depression And Enjoy Life


There are many reasons to enjoy life and live beautifully. While there are issues and problems, these cannot be avoided; you have all the means to move forward and shoo away from depression or anxiety. These issues can only bring you down when it’s not supposed to pull you to the ground.

While having a career is important, it is not the essential thing in life. Yes, you need work to earn money so you can go on with your day to day needs in life, but putting all your focus at work will eventually put a toll in your body and mind. This can lead to stress, depression, and anxiety – which is a big NO. There should be work and life balance. If you work hard for eight hours straight, then, you may have a “play” time. It can be exercise, education, other interests or hobbies, time with family and more. It must be something fun and enjoyable which will make you happy. When you are happy outside of work, you will be a productive worker – this is a fact.

Learn how to say NO from time to time. Your obligations and responsibilities at work (and even your personal life) will bring about good stress. This is good if you can function well and be productive. The problem is when stress becomes anxiety, and your anxiety leads to depression because the pressures are too much. You are no good to yourself and anybody else if you spread yourself too thin. If it is too much, say NO.

Be contented of who you are and what you have achieved in life. Success is not always about having money. It can be many things, and it is up to you to set that bar in your life. Do not compare yourself with others because you have no idea what their life is all about – you can’t be sure if they are happy or not. And while you compare yourself, you always sell yourself short which is not good. This will cause you to feel ashamed, insecure, and feelings of self-pity will ensue. You don’t want these because anxiety and depression are their best buddies.

“Focus on yourself and your own happiness and do not compare yourself to others.”Marc Romano, PsyD.


If you have a work schedule, then, you must also have a relaxation schedule. The stress of everyday work can shake you at any time. This is a fact, that is why some companies allow 30-minute breaks every few hours so that their employees can have a “relax time or quiet time.” This is helpful for your mental health as it will keep your mind refreshed. You can work hard at the office or if you are a stay-at-home person, then, at home – but you have to cut some relax time during the day. What will you do during your rest time? You can take a nap, or do some meditation or yoga exercises. Some people exercise while others read a book or write in a journal. You can do whatever you like to do as long as it relaxes you and you do it every single day on a specified schedule. Let’s see if anxiety or depression can still annoy you!

Laugh when the situation calls for it – and even if it’s unusual. Smiling and laughing can lighten up any situation. It is an affirmative action which releases positives energy. Laughing can make you calm if you’re nervous and it can release tension that is created by depression and anxiety. They say an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. I say, a smile or a laugh each hour, will not make you sour.

“My favorite piece of advice for coping with life’s ups and downs is remembering that the adversity and resulting emotional pain and turmoil that life brings us is both inevitable and temporary,” Gabriela Parra, LCSW reminds her clients.


Keep close those people who bring only positivity in your life. They will be encouraging you to become a better person, and in your journey to that, you will carry with you a light of inspiration, motivation, and betterment. No room for depression and anxiety as positive thoughts will not welcome it.

“When it consists of happy, healthy, and supportive peers, a strong social network can have a positive impact on our mental health.”Barbara Nosal, Ph.D.

Be assertive. Done are the days wherein you keep yourself bottled up with all your emotions and feelings! Come on, as Queen Elsa said – Let it go! If you keep your anger inside or you choose to avoid expressing yourself, there will come a time that you will explode. When you explode, it will be a total mess since everything is in complete chaos by the time it happens. This is the result of your anxiety and depression. It shouldn’t be the case because you can learn the ways of self-assertion in a very healthy manner.

In a sense, take things slow. Learn how to relax, and calm down. Breathe in the fresh air. Enjoy the colors of your environment. If you practice and master the art of patience, you will reap the benefits of a good and happier life.

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