Can You Fix A Broken Marriage Without Counseling?

Can couples fix a broken marriage without counseling? Do you think you can resolve your challenging problems without seeking any clinicians help? Learn more about it here in this article.

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So how do you fix your broken marriage without counseling? Does spending time together work?

How Can You Heal Your Union By Yourselves?


“Share your feelings. Share that you want to feel close to your partner and how important they are to you,” Stuart B. Fensterheim, licensed clinical social worker said.

Union is all about open communication.

Married couples could not be psychics or mind readers according to a licensed clinical social worker. If you need a date night or want a physical touch or physical intimacy, make sure to tell your spouse. No matter how much you two know each other, practice self-awareness in life and say what’s in your mind.


Sincerity makes a big difference in a long-term relationship and also in fixing marital spats. Unhappy marriage issues that happen are just actually a build-up of little moments that got dragged onto extended periods.

Be sincere when talking about these broken marriage issues in ages and do them consistently to fix a broken marriage independently.

Give Gifts

Think back on what your spouse would like as a gift. Give one partner gifts from time to time to remind him or her that you still have their interests in mind. Buy these gifts to shower your spouse with appreciation. He or she will feel important.

You can start by sending flowers. You don’t need to spend so much time on your phone only to get the answers you need. You know better.

Getting Help From The Psych Expert


Yes, fixing a failing marriage requires two people to act but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the initiative to fix it. Waiting for both of you to make a start could end up in you two waiting forever. Make the first move this time.

If it helps, consider telehealth. Look for the best offer and meet professionals that serve you your options and rights. Be ready for a change.

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One of the major problems in broken marriage is lack of connection between you and your spouse. Start paying attention to love languages and spend quality time with them to reconnect in life. Have date night or spend time to visit each other at work or meet with your friends. Involve each other’s opinions in everyday life. May it be simple matters or the ones involving your adolescents.


It might seem tempting but value your privacy. Stop thinking of posting details on any social media sites like Facebook. Don’t talk to people about mental health problems relating to relationship issues. These includes depression, anxiety, grief. They can’t help make your marriage work because you are the one who will decide on what to do. Only you can help yourself and your spouse.


Avoid the blame game in married life. Fixing is needed because you had a hand in it too. Think of what you could have possibly said and why you said it and consider these things to know if you still want to fix a broken marriage.

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Union Is Like Two-Way Street And So Is Piecing It Together

Openly improve communication – it almost always prevents marital problems. Same way, it can also save marriage problems. Most couples reach out and discuss your marriage. It makes sense that the two of you are willing to listen to each other because that’s important in saving your relationship.

If the situation is too hot for the moment, walk away and then regroup when everything has settled. No hotheads. “Doing so can allow you to not only calm down but also to avoid worsening the situation by saying something in haste,” said Anna Osborn, LMFT, a licensed psychotherapist.


As much as fixing a broken marriage is a two-way street, marriage counselors say you can also fix things by making an effort on your own. Sometimes, one’s effort can be big enough to keep a marriage.

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Resolving The Challenges

Stop Asking The Wrong Questions

Stop asking yourself why your marriage feels broken. Romantic relationships aren’t luck; they’re a choice. From personal experience, it isn’t about finding the right spouse; it’s about loving the spouse you chose so you could fit each other.

Absence Doesn’t Make The Heart Grow Fonder

According to a marriage counselor, absence keeps your marriage broken and you from being on the same page. It could create distance and separate the married couples, which could expand marriage problems and go against marital counseling.


There are times when talking about your problems could make the marriage work. Talk to a friend or someone that listens. Learn how to speak through actions from marriage counselors and know what to discuss and what not to through a board or marriage and family therapists.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling couldn’t effectively fix broken marriages in a snap. Married couples must also be taking measures to find solutions – creative ways or not – to fix your marriage and spend quality time together since marriage counseling relationship coach could provide tips (or maybe free ebook) on how to do it. But healthy relationship / healthy marriage efforts are yours and yours alone.

Rinse And Repeat

Like how Rome wasn’t built in a day, a marriage can’t be fixed overnight. It takes time, and there could be tears, but there could also be happiness. It’s not easy, and it could be a push-and-pull scenario. Just keep fixing it. Build your own relationship programs.



What will matter in the end is how you use these tips and strategies.  Actively reach for each other and show each other that you still care about this marriage. Your development matters.

To add, “All couples can benefit from learning skills that are taught in couples therapy. That’s because these skills focus on cultivating a deep connection between partners and resolving conflict without shame or blame. And that helps all relationships,” says Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.

But note that if the relationship struggles with domestic violence, seek different help immediately.


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